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Qui sommes-nous ?

To meet the demand of many private and institutional actors, we decided to extend the directory of Franche-Comté Industries to the Burgundy region.

Franche-Comté Industries becomes BFC Industries in September 2021, for the digital version. The directory 2022 "paper version" will include, for the first time, more than 700 companies in the region. It will be the only active and updated database dedicated to the industrial world of the Burgundy-Franche-Comté region.

This regional deployment also coincides with our decision to include hydrogen-related industrial know-how in our 2022 nomenclature. As the Bourgogne-Franche-Comté region has been labeled a "Hydrogen Territory", we will be very happy to contribute to the promotion of companies working in this field.

Between its paper edition, a website and its English version, BFC Industries is a unique tool for industrial actors.

The English version is now online:

The French version of Franche-Comté Industries is consulted by more than 1 in 4 Internet users from abroad, with a presence in more 140 countries. In order to support the visibility of industrial know-how outside our territory, we have developed an English version, which has been online since July 1st :

Nearly 40% of the companies in our database operate on the international market.

We are pleased to contribute to the international influence of regional industrial know-how.

A search by know-how and specific industries:

Positioned at the top of the home page of the website, companies can carry out a double search by :

- know-how from an extensive list of more than 650 companies with great expertise

- destinated industry (more than 70 choices)

As for the paper version, the search can be carried out via an index, listing the companies with each of their various skills.

An industrial and technological culture

The various territories of the Burgundy-Franche-Comté region have historically been able to cope with the many technological disruptions and reinvent themselves. This industrial culture is present in all the regions (Nord Franche-Comté, Haut-Jura, Haut-Doubs, Grand Besançon, Pays Dolois, Chalonnais, Dijon Métropole, l'Auxerrois, etc.), making the Burgundy-Franche-Comté one of the most industrial regions in France, with more than one job in five working in this sector.

An enriched nomenclature for the 2022 edition

The directory Bourgogne Franche-Comté Industries is built around a large nomenclature of more than 650 industrial companies with substantial know-how. Developed with the help of more than 130 industrialists, it is the backbone of the directory since it serves as an index for the paper version and is the basis for the natural referencing of the digital version. Updated on a regular basis, it allows us to cover historical know-how but above all to "stick" to the numerous evolutions of the industrial sector. More than 150 new skills have been added between the 2021 and 2022 editions.

BFC Industries: a solution to the industrial backlog in digitalization

The COVID health crisis has shown the importance of digitalizing companies. France has a certain delay. At the end of October 2017, the Banque Publique d'Investissement (BPI) drew up, as other institutions have done before, a worrying picture of the digitalization of French SMEs and ETIs: 4 out of 10 business leaders would not feel concerned.

The conjuncture note published by the General Direction of the Treasury Department in November 2020 indicates that 32% of French VSEs have a website compared to 64% for German companies.

The CEO of Bpifrance is convinced: is relatively simple and not necessarily expensive. "We should downplay digitalization without underestimating the effects of delaying it: in the long run, SMEs risk losing their customers, in particular when they are subcontractors."

Thanks to the natural referencing work carried out over the past several months, our website :

- is positioned on more than 300 industrial expertised companies, and comes up first on the Google ranking,

- is now positioned alongside the major databases publishers (Kompass...).

Thanks to the amount of information available just by one click, and to our ongoing development work, we offer a unique visibility to the companies which are present, to the ecosystem of the Burgundy-Franche-Comté. The tens of thousands of page views on our website confirm the success of our database.

Our DNA: to be a link in industrial communication

By browsing through the 388 pages of the paper version of Franche-Comté Industries 2021 or by visiting our website, we invite you to discover the industrial know-how of the region through the identity cards of 542 companies where ETI, SME and VSE are mixed.

Today, BFC Industries reflects the industrial wealth of our region and is more than ever a player in industrial communication.

The opening of our directory to the providers of the industry

Your companies make a whole regional ecosystem work. For the 2021 edition, we wanted to give more visibility for these companies by creating a new section. The list of service providers that you will find at the end of the directory is not intended to be exhaustive.

A directory for multiple use

Some quotes from manufacturers on the use of our directory:

"I use it on a daily basis to prospect for new customers and develop new partnerships.

"I like FCI because the database is up-to-date and it's the only regional directory dedicated to the industry."

"I like how easy it is to use and how clear the company files are."

"Thanks to FCI, I have found orders to face the challenge of the drop in business due to lockdown."

"A customer contacted me after seeing the expertise on my sheet, he didn't know I could meet his need."

"After seeing a product photo under my ad, I got a contact through FCI."

"This directory is a reference in our industry and helps spread the word about companies in the region."

"As a regional manager, I have a lot of information to communicate to business leaders, HRD, but I can't find a real reliable base. Since yours is regularly updated, it is of the utmost interest to me."


Your editor - MCC

Bourgogne Franche-Comté Industries is published by SAS M.C.C based in Pouilley-les-Vignes. Our team works all year long to offer you a 100% up-to-date database. Our paper and digital edition only lists industrial companies whose content has been updated.

The registration for the industrialists on BFC Industries is free, the economic model of our directory is based on advertising. Each company has the possibility to integrate an advertising visual under its file (for paper directory 2022 and the online version)

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